UsNile Arabic IPTV

Unlike Cable No expensive equipment or DVRs are required.

Our Catch-up TV lets you replay a TV show that was broadcast several hours or several days ago without the need to record it yourself.

USNile STB + Wireless

Package includes:
Latest advanced set-top box.
WiFi USB Dongle.
3 Months subscription.
Unlimited access to all features.
Youtube, games, and internet browsing.
1 Year limited warranty.



Package includes:
Latest advanced set-top box.
3 Months subscription.
Unlimited access to all features.
Youtube, games, and internet browsing.
1 Year limited warranty.


Extra add-on

USB WiFi Device

Wireless device for use with Arabic IPTV


Remote Control

Remote Control device for use with Arabic IPTV


- What is included inside the box:

  • Set Top Box.
  • Remote Control.
  • Power Adapter.
  • HDMI Cable (aprox. 3 ft.).
  • Ethernet Cable (aprox. 3 ft.).

Set-top box specifications:

  • All-in-one solution:

    Receive High Definition channels over cable broadcast and connect to IP network for interactive services with one box.

  • High quality Internet video:

    Including top of the line adaptive bitrate streaming, enjoy high definition video on demand over the Internet anywhere in the world.

  • Industry proven content security:

    World’s highly recognized content security systems integrated.

  • High performance browser based user interface:

    With hardware accelerated graphics engine, enjoy responsive, functional and easy to customize graphical user interface

- Subscription included with this box: 

  • 3 months subscription to all of our channels.
  • Unlimited access to movies, series, and shows
  • Unlimited access to Catch up features.
- Warranty included with this box:

  • 1 Year Limited warranty on parts and labor.
  • Extended warranty may be sold separately. 
  • Customer service support 7 days a week.

Video on demand (VOD) 

Enjoy a large selection of movies, series and shows on our network.

Our Video on demand library is updated constantly with the latest movies and shows and it comes as a complementary feature to all of our subscribers.

To view the extensive USNile library of videos on demand, press Main menu on your remote control. At the main menu, you can select VOD to view the constantly changing selection of movies, novellas, and popular TV shows included as part of your USNile subscription.

Catch up TV 

Don't ever miss a show or an episode ever again with the catch up TV feature.

As part of your programming package, USNile has the last 7 days of programming stored for instant access for most of the channels we offer (except music and VOD selection). With catch up TV you can find, select, and watch programming from any channel we offer just as if it were live TV. No more recording, no more worries. Everything is available at the push of your remote control button. Select main menu on your remote control and then select catch-up on the main menu. There you can select the channel, day, and time of programming you wish to watch. Navigate to the channel, press the OK button on your remote, then select the date and press OK, then select the time and press OK to watch your programming instantly.

Youtube & internet

Watch your favorite videos with our interactive youtube application on your TV. 

To select many additional features your USNILE set-top box provides, press main menu on your remote control and navigate to the interactive section. There you can surf the internet, play games, listen to music, and run many of the apps available to you at no additional charge as part of your USNILE package.